Thursday, August 27, 2009

Madden attributes

Here is a list of Madden attribute abbreviations and an explanation for each attribute:

(OVR) Overall - The overall rating for the player.
(SPD) Speed - How fast the player can run.
(ACC) Acceleration - How fast a player reaches full speed.
(STR) Strength - The player's strength, which affects his ability to break tackles.
(AGI) Agility - The player's agility, enhancing his ability to switch directions.
(AWR) Awareness - A player's ability to react and adjust.
(CTH) Catching - How well the player can catch. A higher rating means fewer drops.
(CAR) Carrying - How well the player holds onto the football. A higher rating means the less chance of a fumble.
(THP) Throw Power - How far a player can throw the ball.
(THA) Throw Accuracy - How accurate a player throws. New attributes for Madden 10 are THA (Short) - accuracy on short passes, THA (Mid) accuracy on medium passes, THA (Deep) - accuracy on deep passes.
(PAC) Determines the effectiveness of play action for QB.
(RUN) Accuracy when throwing on the run.
(KPW) Kick Power - A kicker's power.
(KAC) Kick Accuracy - A kicker's accuracy.
(RBK) Run Block - How well a player run blocks.
(PBK) Pass Block - How well a player pass blocks.
(TAK) Tackle - A player's ability to tackle.
(JMP) Jumping - The player's ability to jump.
(RET) Return - Skill of the player as a punt or kick returner.
(INJ) Injury - The likelihood of an injury.
(STA) Stamina - The player's stamina level.
(TGH) Toughness - A players ability to recover from injuries.
(TRK) Trucking - Player's ability to run over a defender attempting a tackle.
(ELU) Elusiveness - Likely the ability to escape tackles (or perhaps sacks). This is a key statistic for running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks.
(BCV) Ball Carrier Vision - Ability to spot the open field.
(SFA) Stiff Arm - Player's ability with the stiff arm maneuver.
(SPM) Spin Move - Player's ability with the spin maneuver.
(JKM) Juke Move - Player's ability with the juke move.
(IBK) Impact Blocking - Blockers ability to make a leveling.
(RBK-STR) Run block strength.
(RBK-FT) Run block footwork.
(PBK-STR) Pass block strength.
(PBK-FT) Pass block footwork.
(POW) Hit Power - The strength of the player's hit, which can determine the success of a tackle or the possibility of a fumble.
(FIN) Finesse Moves - Similar to power moves but it's the ability to spin or swim around blocks.
(BKS) Block Shedding - How well the player can shed a block.
(PUR) Pursuit - Skill in finding and pursuing the ball carrier--likely laterally.
(PRC) Play Recognition.
(MAN) Man Coverage - Skill of the defender in man coverage.
(ZONE) Zone Coverage - Skill of the defender in zone coverage.
(SPCTH) Spectacular Catch - A player's ability to make a spectacular catch.
(CIT) Catch in Traffic - How well the player can catch the ball and maintain possession in tight coverage.
(RTE) Route Running Rating - How well the player runs the play's passing route.
(POW) Hit Power - The strength of the player's hit, which can determine the success of a tackle or the possibility of a fumble.
(PRESS) Press Rating - Ability of defender in press coverage.
(RELEASE) Release Rating - Ability of receiver to release from press coverage.


  1. You forgot PWR which is Power Moves

  2. impo. whats this. i have seen impo for coaches. like c woodson will give a bonus to impo +5. is this short for improvement in that position or importance?

  3. WHat ive heard is that Impo means Importance which will basically give youa better Trade Value for players.

  4. What's pur mean??

    1. pursuit - chasing someone

  5. What does TAD mean in coaches?

  6. throw accuracy deep

  7. What dose pwm mean

  8. PWM = Power Move

  9. so what does PRES and PREC mean respectiviely?? In MUT

    1. Press and play recognition

  10. What does DT mean besides defensive tackle it says starter,second,or third strong after it

  11. Replies
    1. Pass block foot work